Vape review - Unboxing GEEK VAPE T200

Vape review - Unboxing GEEK VAPE T200

Hello, guys. This is a vape review with some vape news. This is the EAGIS TOUCH GEEKVAPE T200, probably the most the smartest touch screen on a vape in the market at the moment.

GEEK vape T200


GEEK vape T200 Let's give it a closer look, clean black box from GEEK VAPE. Gig bap on the side, let’s unbox this beast, this looks clean. This is the cool part of buying new ways that you can unbox them. New. Look at that. Look, the huge screen touch right there. They give you the mods straight away in the box, keep it satisfaction in common. Let’s unbox everything what else is in the box? Let's see what we got here. GEEK vape T200 But a card, clean black card, cleaning white in the front warnings to do be careful guys. These are high-tech vapes, more warnings, or a warning or other information and explosives, such as sofa, beds don't put your vape in the sofa or bed. GEEK vape T200 That's obvious. Please charge this device with the regional USB cable and then. You use a different cable that is not the one from the box. Let's see, the cable. Where's the cable? Though, to manual.


There we got the tank in the bottom. Let’s take it out, solid geek, vape z tank. The tank is super huge. The thing different from all the tanks is that the airflow is in the Top double airflow. I will see how to fill it up in a second.
GEEK vape T200
Check the accessories. Black box, again, really clean home. Here we go. The cape charging, cable c type charging cable that’s a coil inside. They give you a call inside of the tank and one extra. This is the glass that is another glass to change the tank. I think this makes it bigger. But this one is 2.2 milliliters.
And this one I have no real idea, but it’s similar. So much similar, maybe it makes it three milliliters. I’m not sure, but there you go two glasses. If you break one to do, what else do we have? Here on rechange balls for the tank becomes?


GEEK vape T200 Nice. Let's start with the mod. The mod runs two batteries from the bottom. You can see here, the plus, and the minus. You can put a pop-up. We go like this, plus, minus on Top, and Top. Bum, close it. And there you go. Fire, lock.


This screen is super huge. It’s 2.5 inches full touch screen that plays four different UI themes. Let’s try it up. So the lock is right here on the side. Unlock at the Top, lock it down, s locked, There we go. We can personalize settings and themes. We got this theme. You got four different because this one is the Galaxy, I guess. The god, this one is a rocket. This one is super simple on the football one.
Let’s go with this one, the planet, okay? Theme brightness. This is super comfy.
Let’s go, max. To see everything wallpaper you can change the wallpaper as well. The buff is clean, it counts the buffs you do as well. The sick version you can personalize as you want, the wallpaper, the theme. There are four different ways to personalize the front touch screen. Let’s go with a smart. It shows you I don’t know. Okay? Here you have the what’s press the watts? You can switch how many watts you wanna run on press. And that’s it easier than that. This is the power run, and we don’t have a call at the moment. So it’s not recognition, recognizing anything. But let’s go with the power. Let’s go with power. Let’s see, what does power, okay? You can run a maximum of 200 watts with power mode. We got a smart mode, we got a power mode. Personalize and settings are for the theme, wallpaper personalize.
You can personalize the power. You get him from into your coal earlier tank, whatever you can use, just the temperature. You can also personalize the TC-TCR I don’t know what’s that, but seems similar. It goes by temperature.
Another big feature that this, vape, which is triple proof, water, dust, and shocks, doesn’t matter. This will resist and looks solid. I don’t know about the screen but feels really solid screen. 2.4 inches, really solid. I like the design from behind really comfortable in the hand. It’s big and comfortable at the same time. I like this side, a lot look at that woof. Let’s pop in the tank, which goes right there. it looks fully like that. Gray, sick colors on the screen, clean this geek vape, sea, coil, the tank is amazing.

GEEK vape T200 The airfoil comes from the Top. And to fulfill, you just need to pop the Top to the side. And it jumps off super, easy refill. This is the easiest reveal I’ve ever seen. When you pop it back. Let's fit it up. There you go. Fully, easy to change the airflow, just rolling the topside, because the airflow is in the Top. Something different for now. I'm super, super happy with the tank. It looks really solid and super easy to refill. I like it.


The tank works perfectly. The mod keeps the exact power. I write down on the touch screen what could fail. Super good. The actual vape is smooth. I love it. It’s kind of heavy, but it’s not as heavy as other devices are quite light. But the triple proof. It’s something that I could never imagine on a touch screen. Device GEEP-VAPE was found in 2015, I think.


And maybe given a huge vaping experience the users and innovative stuff like this touch screen in the front. I think they’re doing a good job creating these devices. Tanks are super, super good. The mods are solid. In a resume, this device is super worth it. Triple proof shock, the time crunch. Amazing, the screenshot. Somebody likes them, other people don’t like them, but it’s something new in technology. Innovation. I think they did a really good job. Hope you like my vape review. We will always do our best to bring you the perfect vape reviews.

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