Vape Review - Air bar box 5000 puffs

Disposable Vape Review - Air bar box 5000 puffs

What is going on to party people that is your boy map from the sort of vapes coming back with a new Vape review today. We got the air bar box 5000 in the building today got in a few different flavors. We got the kiwi, dragon, and berry and we got a rainbow blast on our right. I have a third flavor, the mango ice, which I will get into in just a little bit, but I started hitting this yesterday. It’s been freaking fantastic. So get into that just a little bit.

Product intro and specs

But what the deal is, let’s run through the specifications. First, before we check out these two new flavors all right? So as you might be able to expect from the name, these are approximately 5000 thousand puffs. We got 14 milliliters of juice inside. We got a 650 million rechargeable battery, rechargeable with the type c cable. These do get a mesh coil inside so that flavor is gonna be booming and they got 5% nicotine in these devices.

Disposable Vape Review, Air bar box 5000 puffs

All right, so let’s just go ahead and try out this kiwi, dragon, and berry first.

I believe the package just shows a kiwi and a dragon fruit. So cited to check this out. Also in the back of the package, there is a little code or a scratch-off code. So if you want to verify it online, I encourage you to do so. All right, take it out of the package, and here we go. It’s a pretty simple, clear package. Let’s rip this open. Whoa. So immediately here we go. The device itself is like its body of it. Kind of has a flask design, like a mini flask. But we got a silicone piece on Top here, just take that off. We got the mouthpiece in a little part. Here. If you want to put a lanyard on the bottom, we have the type-C ports for charging a big light, a big LED light around there, and then some air holes there on the bottom. Right?

Try the taste

So honestly, you feel super nice. In the hand. I do like the curve that’s in the middle here, but it has a bit of a way to it like it just feels quality in the hand and does not feel like cheap plastic. I believe it’s like aluminum, but it has a little bit of weight feels nice, and feels like if you dropped it, then they wouldn’t even then it all, but who knows having dropped.

The other one so far. But let’s go ahead and try. This is the kiwi dragon berry. Mesh coil, 5% Nick, cheers, let’s go, whoa, whoa. This one got a lot of flavor on it. Kiwi, dragon, berry. That’s nice, super sweet, right off the gate. A little bit of ice on this one on the exhale there but definitely dragon fruit dominated, but it’s a lot different than the other. Once that I tried a similar flavor. I would say this is kiwi dragon Barry, I do taste kind of a mix Barry taste it’s like left on your tongue at the end there. I would say at the beginning there’s like a lot going on with this one, but beginning ititsind of like a tar kiwi get that dragon fruit, and then it’s kind of a mixed Barry to finish it off.

Disposable Vape Review, Air bar box 5000 puffs

But this one is a super nice man, I like that a lot. Scrum chess, is super tasty. Before we get into the rainbow blast. I do want to talk about this mango ice that I boxed yesterday and took it downtown. And everybody was trying to hit this. We had an elf bar. One of my friends did. And some were saying that had a funky aftertaste in the elf bar, but everybody was dying to try the mango ice. Everybody kept asking me for it, a little bit annoying. But what it is, man, mango ice, this one, I got to say, let me just take a puff out of this one.

It’s honestly, man, if not one of, if not the best, definitely one of the best mango ice flavors, I have tried into disposable, just a pure mango flavor, no funky aftertaste, like the base liquids that they’re using in all of. These air bars are super fantastic I love them a lot. But it’s just super, super smooth like the drawing. This is perfect, decent cloud production, but it’s mostly just like just how smooth it is. I would say it’s kind of a medium drawer, maybe a little tighter than most, but this is definitely by far, like, in my opinion, the best product that like the best air bar that has come out, it’s the best air bar product all right.

So what you’re gonna get, it’s super quality, feels weighty in the hand, the drawn it, perfect flavor, fantastic out of this world. I actually, like these a lot. I was a little skeptical at first, just because of like air bar products, I think who’s the air bar max, a little bit hit or miss with those, some like leaking issues.

But this man, these are out of this world. I got to say, if you’re wondering how much ice the mango ice has, pretty much the perfect amount. It’s not like super over. They didn’t overdo it with the cool lotta there. It’s not like you know go gonna freeze your throat or freeze your chest. It’s pretty much just perfect, just leaves a little bit of iciness in your mouth. But the perfect liquid that they use in that one, I love that a lot last but not least try out the rainbow blast. See what we got on. This one, take it out of the package.

Disposable Vape Review, Air bar box 5000 puffs


All three of these have different colors on them. They’re all kind of bluish, but if you can see here, they’re all just like different shades, kind of like the mango ice color, the best just that perfect teal color. I’m kind of a little bit biased towards that mango ice because I was hitting it all day yesterday. And it’s who just perfect, excited. Every time I hit it rainbow blast. Here we go. You can see it is kind of like a sage green color, but I like it. All of the colors have this metallic finish. It’s kind of glaring off the camera, but man little bit, not sparkling, but just like just metallic, I would say, cheers, rainbow blast. Let’s go. Woo~~ That is like pure skittles. If I ever, if I ever tried, it does have a little bit of ice on it. It is a rainbow blast, a blast of like the original red pack of skittles, I would say, but some ice there’s more ice on this one than the mango ice, I would say.

But if you like kind of, like candy, like flavors, this is pretty much spot on with like the skills flavor. If you added like maybe some ice cubes into it. But man, that’s pretty much all I got to say about these air bar boxes, 5000, super incredible products. They just feel quality in the hand flavors literally out of this world. So charge time, I haven’t had to recharge it. So I can’t say, but I would say, generally I give it about 30 minutes on the charger. The light will go on the bottom here while it’s charging, and then I’ll just turn it off when it’s done charging. But guys, thank you so much for reading this Vape Review. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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