Vape Review of Top 5 Portable Dry Herb Vapes for 2022

Vape Review of Top 5 Portable Dry Herb Vapes for 2022

We’re here to look at the top five portable, dry herb vapes for 2022. Welcome to the vape review. That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re looking at the top five portable, dry herb vapes for 2022. And obviously, there’s always a lot of debate around subjects like this. Don’t take it as a hard and fast rule. But I think we kind of agree that if you pick any one of these five vapes. There’s not going wrong. You’re gonna be happy with your choice. Let’s get straight in straight down to business.

Xmax V3 Pro

XMAX v3 pro Vape

I think I’m gonna start XMAX v3 pro. I’m a very big fan of the V3 pro. It just surprised me the first time ago, it was for the price that I paid, so it’s life for £89. And you’re getting an on-demand vaporizer with convection in it. So I just thought and then to like gay storage, it’s a five press, as you can see.
And then you’re on-demand mode, we reach temperature within 20 seconds, making a read on-demand. And you’ve got the nice purple variant. There. It comes in like three different colors, isn’t I love?
It looks black, silver, the purple, I think purple is my favorite as well and it’s rich temp already.
Let’s go. So it’s on-demand, but it’s a little bit slower than some of the high-end on-demand vapes. I think you’re looking at probably like 15s, the 20s from totally cold for a full heat up. You got a quite high temperature of 200 degrees. You can’t say fairer than that for the money. And I was just like a first hit, which kind of still heating up. This. The second one will be a true reflection of what you’re gonna get.
It’s a nice, little nifty size as well. It’s definitely puppet friendly, their session mode, as well as on-demand mode, swappable battery, and a big hitter. Let me just be honest about its lung filling, and it feels good. And usually, when you get in these under £100 devices, they don’t give the best type of vapor or flavor, but the Xmax v3 pro gives great flavor and vapor.
I think, for a sort of entry-level vape, you really can’t go wrong. It’s bringing some of the technology that some of the more expensive vapes on the market don’t give you. And it’s got a nice, clear screen. Like it’s just an excellent product. And for the price, I think it’s fantastic. Yes, hardly recommended the XMAX v3 pro. love it.

The Tafee Bowle

The Tafee Bowle Vape Moving on staying with on-demand vaporizers. This is one of my favorites the cafe bowl. It's a bit controversial. We got a couple of configurations of it here. This is the little stubby setup with the puck base unit and the stubby mouthpiece, but this is the kind of classic setup with the cup and I thought filled it with water, this is the glass drink wear. Normally it comes with plastic, which is a little bit controversial. Yeah, but it's a lot more lightweight than the glass. So it is a little bit more standard. And then one of the things I love about the cafe bowl is the potter grinder because it just makes it so easy to fill up these little ceramic pots. I've already done it there. You can just pop them out. You get a kind of relatively standardized dose pop in the little stem there and clonk it straight in there. We've got the glass one here. That was very sturdy and it feels good. It's it feels a little bit more premium, but certainly not a portable vape that you carry around in your pocket, more of a home device. I think it's more style towards a sort of adult-like grown-up kind of vape user. It's made with really premium materials. Medical grade. It does a good job of cooling down the vapor as well. In that mouthpiece. You maybe don't get quite as dense rips as you do with something like the Xmax v3 pro. But you can build up those big hits. If you take a long draw like and race is doing now like 15-second pull on it, something like that. You will get a pretty oppressive result. And again, it's got great flavor but I can't compare it to the v3 pro because it cost a lot more, but what I’m trying to say is a taste amazing. It tastes like a few categories above the v3 pro. Yeah, I’m a big fan of it. I use the little one all the time as well. I think it's kind of revolutionized the heat-on-demand market. It is so quick to heat up. It's like 1,2 seconds to heat and that kind of tasty rips that you can get from it. There are big lumvesting hits. And then you just take a little sip of water from the cup and you refresh here is great. There is a toughie bowl.

The Mighty+

The Mighty+ Vape

So guys moving on to the mighty+ now. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about it because the mighty especially the vape have been around nearly for revenue riot.
Yeah, it’s not a hell of a lot different from the original mighty I’ve got to say just got a couple of nice extra features like the USB type-c charging, which means it’s faster charging, and also that ceramic chamber they have not added. I find that it keeps the cleanliness of my advice just better.
And I can just get on vape reviews in it a lot more without cleaning it a lot of the time, which I used with the mighty. They used to have a kind of metal chamber. Didn’t it like a sort of aluminum or something? I think, which would get a bit stained? This is a little bit nicer and also supposed to heat up a bit faster as well. As we said, it’s a classic, it’s a medical grades product. It’s medically certified. Medical patients love it, and smokers trying to move away from smoking because it’s vape, and it’s so easy to use.
With the vapes that there are out there, I just keep finding myself reaching for the mighty plus. No matter what there must be something about it, it could be that patented like a hybrid, convection, or conduction that they use. I don’t know, but it’s just such a great vaporizer.
Yeah, it’s a classic. You love it. That’s why it’s here. The mighty plus.

Dynavap The VonG(i)

Dynavap The VonG(i) Vape Kind of hard to decide which Dynavap to feature because there are so many different models out there. And actually what I’ve gone with is the vonG(i), I gotta say when the original wooden von 2021 edition came out, I was a little bit underwhelmed like it looked lovely. But the spinning sort of I don't know, sleeve, I guess you call it. If I have to be honest about it, I was one of those victims. It happened to me as well. You can spin it because the wood expanding. It's like it wouldn't work. So they've taken it back to the drawing board. And I love this about Dynavap. They take on the feedback, and they'll go back, and they'll just totally revise the product. And now they've made it in titanium. So it is a bit more expensive, but it works so much better. And, compared to their other titanium, vape, the Omni vape, is in a similar sort of price range. I think you get more for your money with the vonG(i) because you've got that functionality to kind of slightly close the airport there and decide how much air you're getting. Also, it's a little bit more compact and easy to use. It's not that big, long thing. In terms of bongo only, I do find myself reaching for the long more. So I can only imagine that the vonG(i) I would be reaching way more than the vonG(me). And you can use it like I’m doing with a little induction here to hear. You can also use it with the torch. And you can just get those big clouds, which is quite impressive. Again, it's just such a great vaporizer. The vonG(i), especially they've taken this without, and now they made the full titanium. I'm a big fan of it, to be honest. And yeah, you get some nice vapor. The there nice flavor from it as well. I think the titanium is good at transferring that flavor. It's an excellent product, a great way to start on your diner-back journey, and also a nice premium version of the Dynavap. It's for life, absolutely battery-free. Unless you use an induction heater um, but excellent for traveling so small. What's not to love? The Dynavap of vonG(i).

Tinymight 2

Tinymight 2 Vape So one holding in my hand is giving me goose bonds. People know, it's crazy, it's exciting. This is the prototype tiny might too. So we got to make clear that the finish version isn't gonna have this finish of the wood. It's a different finish of the wood. I don't want to break the sort of embargo to tell you about it. But it's gonna look very, very nice. I can tell you that much. I'm gonna put this onto session mode for you. I think it's your first tiny might to hit no way pretty impressive. There you go, it's ready to go. It’s just buzzing at me. The little improvements they've made to the original tiny might design enhance it, I think. So you've got USB-c charging. It means you're charging in like 45 minutes. Also got the little stir tool built into the little battery. Nice big hit there and again kind of like the caffeine bowl, heat on demand, and it's quick on demand you're talking like 2 seconds or something before it's ready to hit or you can have it in session mode. So it's just hit after hit. It's great for sharing it. Or if you just have a nice cloudy. I’m pulling in love with you guys like I just told you about the mile prices, and my daily driver bar, definitely check out this new tinymight. It's incredible. I’m loving it. The flavor. The heat on the mind is so quick. Everything about it. What about the cooling? Because you're taking big hits, good cooling. I find that little cooling unit, it's kind of an ingenious little idea just fits in that little mouthpiece there. It means you can take these massive rips, a very clever design. From Finland tiny might 2.

Review Summary

5 vapors we’ve done a bit of a rattle through of them. I know there’s gonna be a lot of people saying, why didn’t you include this one? Why didn’t you include that there? I’m trying to pick my favorite out of these five is tough. I think it’s the full package. I’m so pleasantly surprised about everything.
The quick heat on the month, the flavor, and just the vapor production are just like it’s hit everything perfectly. It just as god be it. For me.
Form factor as well, like the sides of hits, you’re getting in a relatively small device, and it looks so nice as well, and the price is reasonable as well. I think it’s hard to be for me because I do most of my vaping at home. I think I’m gonna go with my beloved taffe bowl. I’ve got to say, I love the setup. I love taking a little sip of water to refresh. After I’ve taken one of those. It’s an excellent design. As we said, I think whatever one of these you get, you’re gonna be really happy with it. You’re talking about the best technology that the vapor world has to offer right here. Hope you like this vape review, we will bring you perfect vape all the time.

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