Vape Review - Anyx Pro Pod

Anyx Pro Pod - Vape Review

What is popping everybody at you boy matt from disorder vapes coming back with another review this time of the ANYX Pro Pod vape system along with the Anyx pre-filled pods. Before we get into the actual device. Here I do want to go over the pods, so I got them in four different flips. Flavors. I got the sea salt, and lemon, we got the blueberry blasts, we got the classic mince, and we got grava.

Anyx Pro Pod - Vape Review

Quick Review

All right? So just to kind of go through these quick, just because there’s a tiny separation process for the pause. And I want to get that out of the way these do have two milliliters of juice. And the ones that I have are 2% nicotine. And then in each box here they come with three pods. All right? So I’m just gonna take a brand new one out of the package just to kind of, get this out of a way, because it just takes a second to prepare them. So here we go. We got these sea salt lemon pods, so it just comes with a little silicone tip on the Top. And then on the bottom, it looks a little rather strange, but basically, all you have to do is push this in. See, now it sits all flush. Then you just got to wait 25 seconds, and the pot will be good to go.

Anyx Pro Pod - Vape Review

Unboxing & play

All right. While we are waiting, let’s just go over the actual device that we got here all, right? The new PRO got in this nice green color. So I’m just gonna take this out of the box and just comes with a little card here, with uh, the instruction manual, and then inside the actual boss here. Box, we got the USB type c recharge cable, and then we got the actual device it and pretty over here. Before we take a vape. once you put it in, you’ll kind of feel an actual vibration on the actual device. If you want to change it from basically this white light to a yellow light, which turns up from normal mode into turbo mode, effectively just changing the wattage from 7.8 to 11.5.
So you’re gonna get a little bit more clouds there. But if you want to do that, all you have to do is just raise the pot out quick 3 times, then it’ll change color to that yellow and be a little bit more powerful device. Just kind of AA tip there. You don’t want to actually take the whole pot out and put it back in 3 times. You just want to lift it slightly. Just do it quickly, then it will change modes. If you do it three more times, you just change back to white. Also, if you want to lock the device, you do that 5 times.
So once you lock it, you’ll kind of feel like a long vibration. That’s how you know that it’s locked. If you want to turn it back on, just do that five more times, and then we’re good to go.
Anyx Pro Pod - Vape Review
All right. So I think one more quick thing to know is they all open pods as well. So if you want to fill your e-juice in there, just like this one, it’s not gonna have the thing on the bottom that you have to push in. It just comes already Complete. All you got to do is just lift open the little rubber stopper on the side there and fill it up. The one that I got in here, I’ve been just letting it soak. The juice is days, salt fusion, lemon passion, fruit blueberry, 30 milligrams, salt, and nicotine. So I’m excited to try that one out as well. But before we do, that’s an open pod. Let’s just try out the pre-filled pods.

Try Out

All right? This one is gonna be the sea salt lemon. Let’s just actually try it on the power mode. First, to be honest, I got the blink and yellow. I’m taking a little silicone tip-off and we’re ready to go. So let’s get it. Nice, an interesting taste there that is interesting because it kind of has a nice kind of floral, lemony taste. But I’m like the back of my tongue. It kind of tastes salty like there’s like granule, sea salt chunks. Kind of interesting. It’s not overpowering whatsoever. Like the lemon isn’t like super sour anything just kind of a nice floral lemon taste.
I would say it’s not like overly sweet, as they are saturated with the juice, with a bunch of like flavoring and sweeteners. It’s kind of like all day vape like you’re not gonna get tired of it. It’s not too sweet. That’s kind of what I’m noticing right off the bat with the pre-filled pods. But let’s try a different one. Let’s just go ahead and do the guava because I like my guava.
So let’s just try one of these out for size, it actually kind of pushed in a lot of the other pods, just so they’re ready to go. But here we go. Guava. I’ll flip it to the other side, so you can see the light here. Nice. A very sweet kind of almost bubble gummish guava taste to it. And you got to say it’s the same thing with this one. You can tell that the liquid inside is probably pretty quality because it’s not like overly done with the sweeteners and just the flavorings. It’s not a vape flavor by any means, but it’s not like overly sweet. It’s I think they plan for you to kind of use these as an all-day thing.
So you’re not gonna get overly tired of it with all those dying sweeteners. Very nice. Let’s see. Let’s just try out the mint here. Real quick I haven’t done mint. Just plain mint in quite some time, but let’s just try this out on the regular power modes whom I’ll switch it over. Quick here. When you put the pod in, you feel like a little vibration there. That’s how it’s in there. But just a switch to the regular power mode, just 123, then the white light will appear.
Let’s just try the normal power mode. Think this was 7.8 watts, very minty, very, very nice cooling, kind of menthol sensation. You get there for sure. Let’s see here. The actual device just kind of give you an up-close view of it. There’s like an air hole right here on the side. We got the USB type-c recharge port here. They are 400 million batteries that’s in here.
So it’s not the biggest, however, the type c recharge port, usually those charge pretty fast. I’m not sure how long I haven’t tried this one individually quite yet, but I mix affecting about like 40 minutes an hour charge time and then you’re ready to go again, but yes, just continue here.
There are no buttons on it like it’s super sleep just to kind of give you a view of the hand here and health. Thin. It is very, very sleek, super thin, very just like simple, like not complicated at all. As soon as you have like the mode thing down and five to lock it. it’s pretty much all you need to know the very simple device. I forgot that I have the open pod filled with my juice, so we’re gonna test that out.
But before I do, they do advertise that they use sense, cotton coil technology. Basically, all that means is that the flavor is gonna last until the very last drop has supreme flavor restoration. So we will test that out. But cheers, let’s try this in the daze juice. That’s super nice. The flavor on here is kind of like passion fruit. I’m mostly tasting the passion fruit, but there’s a little bit of cooling on this juice. I didn’t know it was like iced, but say the flavor on the open pod is very, very nice as well. Just as long as you let the juice saturate to the cotton long enough, I waited about 20 minutes for this one.


So that’s all I have to say about the Anyx PRO pod system. But if you got any questions, or any recommendations, please leave them down below in the comments section, if you like, vape related content and I’ll catch you guys next time.

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