5 Beginner Vape Mistakes - Advice for the First Time Vaper!

5 Beginner Vape Mistakes - Advice for the First Time Vaper!

Beginner Vape Mistakes

Greetings and salutations, wonderful people. Welcome to the vape review. Today. We’re gonna discuss some common mistakes that are made by beginners of vapers and how they can be avoided.
Vaping has ballooned in popularity. Granted, it’s also been demonized and taken through the media gauntlet, and there is a ton of misinformation out there. Thankfully, they haven’t fooled everybody. I won’t take you down that road today, you can find here that confront those blatant lives. Instead today this blog is intended to help you, beginners. I realize vaping can appear to be very confusing to some people.
When I first started, I felt like I landed in an alien world. It was like the first day of school just totally lost. I had difficulties myself and I feel like it’s a pretty common universal thing for everyone. There’s no need for you to feel like you’re alone.


Listen, this is something we all do. Marketing companies make a lot of money for this specific reason. Think about it. When we go to a restaurant, we go to Walmart and shop on Amazon. A lot of thought has gone into the visual appeal of a product. Right? The same is true when it comes to vape, but buying the wrong device, the wrong juice. It’s going to severely impact your ability to quit smoking, buying with your eyes is a bad thing to do in any industry, but especially in the vaping room. Because you’re playing with your health, there are thousands of options out there at this point.
So finding the right device for you can be difficult, but it’s extremely important. Just starting, I highly recommend a compact and lightweight device, just something that won’t feel like a boulder.
On your hand, also, larger devices tend to require accessories. Smaller devices tend to have onboard charging, such as with a USB cable, making it crazy easy to store and charged it. But with larger devices, tend to involve external batteries. So you end up needing to buy those as well along with a charger. And a battery case. This complicates things because you have to remember to charge them, to store them. It adds a lot of weight. On your hand, this can be problematic for a new vapor. So keeping things smaller, lightweight, and convenient from the start will only improve your odds of quitting smoking.
Beginner Vape Mistakes


As far as juice goes. You’ll hear that term often as no one calls their e-juice liquid. My advice would be to go with someone or something that will keep you coming back to it. What that might be is different for everyone. The FDA knows this and that’s why they restricted trying flavors in shops. Listen, they don’t want you to quit smoking that that’s a lot of tax dollars they’re missing out all. I’m gonna skip past the advocacy part of this.
Anyway, a lot of time shops will advise you to start with a tobacco flavor, right? But for me, that didn’t work, strawberry cream is what got me to quit smoking originally. However, I do know people that were able to quit using tobacco flavors. So if you have a friend or one of the shop workers is your friend, I highly recommend trying or borrowing a variety of flavors. You can try more than one until you find the one that works to keep you from smoking.


This is something all of us men are probably guilty of, right? Maybe not all of us, but probably most of them, the instructions are included for a reason. You’d be surprised how many times people just chuck the instructions in the trash with the box. When they get a new device. I get it. It’s exciting when you get a new device. But rushing into using it without knowing how it works is only going to frustrate me.
So obviously, my advice would be to take your time and learn the functions even if just the basic ones of your device before using it.
Beginner Vape Mistakes


Oftentimes a shop worker although intentioned will recommend a nicotine strength that’s simply too high for someone. This is something that’s become all too common with the introduction of salt nicotine while salt nic has been extremely effective and getting people to quit smoking, it can cause nicotine dependency. It can make you feel sick. If you’re consuming too much, beginner vapors tend to hit their device like it’s a cigarette out of habit. The problem with this is salt Nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream much, faster and at higher concentrations. So your brain reacts by saying this is too much for me. The only way it can do that is by making you feel sick. So how do we avoid that? First, my advice would be to go with a slightly lower nicotine level than 50 milligrams. You probably see that pretty common in vape shops and gas stations and stuff. If the shop has 25 to 30 milligrams in salt nicotine, I would suggest that over a 50-milligram product, if they have 12 to 18-milligram products in what’s called freebase nicotine and you can just say regular nicotine because Freebase sounds like a drug, but that’s what it’s called.
Anyway, the shop worker will understand regular nicotine. So if you just ask for 12 to 18 milligrams in regular nic and they have it, that would be a good place to start for your juice. So 25 to 30 milligrams in salt, and 12 to 18 milligrams in regular is what I would recommend starting with.


Now, burning your coil is probably the most common beginner problem, making sure your coil is properly saturated, is super important. Burnt cotton is hazardous to your health. When you taste that first sign of a burnt coil, make sure to check it out before continuing to vapor, avoiding a burnt coil is pretty quick and easy. When you first install the coil vapors, use what’s called priming. Essentially, all it is is making sure your cotton is completely saturated with e-juice.
Now, another reason this can happen is the power settings on your device are just too high. Starting low, if your device has power settings, starting low and working your way up is a great way to find the exact level of performance that’s right for you and won’t burn your coil all right.
That’s it. 5 Beginner Vape Mistakes. Guys.

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